About Us

What Is KHroot?

KHroot is a name of this website and also a name of a group of people. It is a combination of 2 words, KH and root.

  • KH is an acronym of the word Khmer or refers to Cambodian as a people or Cambodia as a country.
  • root refers to rooting which is a process of gaining root (superuser) access or privileged control (full control) over an application, an operating system or a device.

Who We Are?

KHroot was founded by a group of cyber security enthusiasts in Cambodia. We came from various educational and working backgrounds, but majority of our members are from networking and system administration fields. Our members have their own domains of knowledge such cryptography, reverse engineer, forensics, service and web exploitation, stenography and etc.

What Is Our Goal?

We would like to embrace the idea of sharing is caring, and this website will be used as a platform to deliver contents to our audience. Currently, the contents we are focusing on are around computer technology including news, cyber security, networking, system administration, programming and tips. We hope that what we have had on this website will be useful to some visitors. Moreover, we also provide the mean for communication such as discussion within the blog post and on social media platform like Facebook so that visitors can discuss and exchange their idea with us or other visitors.

Our Privacy Policy

If you have any concerns related to privacy, please visit our privacy policy page.